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01-11-11 Ride

If you missed it Tuesday of this week was a "historic" date.
Snazzy eh? Won't see that again. Not in this life time.
To celebrate a buddy of mine thought a little pedal powered pub crawl was in order.

The weather in KC had finally decided to turn more winter like a couple days before.
Sunday night it started snowing which continued through most of the day on Monday.
Tuesday it was a beautiful sunny day with temps at our ride time of only 14 degrees. Plus it was a bit windy making the "feels like" a brisk -2 degrees.
I think the temps, the snow packed streets and that we were doing the ride in the middle of the day on a Tuesday kept alot people from coming along.

01-11-11 Ride 00101-11-11 Ride 003

But as you will see below, we still had a blast.

After a little pedal around the hood to run "must do" errands I headed to 75th Street Brewery to meet the guys at 11:11 AM
The plan was to get in a few miles and hit a couple drinking establishments and wrap it up by 1:11 PM (seeing a pattern here?)
1:11 because of the significance of the number but also so Trav could get home and save the baby sitter.
(That link is funnier knowing that Trav's little one is a boy)

As I rolled up to the bar I noticed only 2 bikes so I hoped that maybe, much like myself, everyone was running a bit late. I locked up and heading inside.

01-11-11 Ride 00701-11-11 Ride 006

Turns out that the two bikes outside really was everyone. Ah well.
They were bellied up to the bar. Greetings were made. Hands were slapped.
A plan for where to go next was hatched. Beers were finished and off we went.
But not before getting a "group" photo of course:

01-11-11 Ride 009

We buzzed along the cold snow packed streets heading North.
The plan was to hit up Sharp's Bar and Grill for bloodies and some brunch so thats where we pointed our handle bars.

01-11-11 Ride 01001-11-11 Ride 012

We made Sharp's fairly quickly and it wasn't because we were cold.
We were hungry.
Bikes were parked in the normal fashion and we shuffled inside to be greeted by the bar tender and its patrons with questions of our sanity.
A table was acquired, bloodies were ordered, and the menu was given a strong looking over as we sipped our drinks.

01-11-11 Ride 013Sharp's for bloodies & breakfast

Trav and Murry went with the Johnny Cakes with a egg tucked in the stack.
I decided to go with a 1/2 order of B&G and spuds with an egg on top and a side bacon tossed in because... well because its bacon.
No meal is really complete with out it.

01-11-11 Ride 014

No photo of the Johnny Cakes. Sorry. I was busy eating.

We finished up breakfast with a tasty Boulevard beer each and then headed back out into the cold to continue our journey.
As we headed east toward the next spot on the list I notice chain noise that hadn't been there before. A few pedal stokes later the chain dropped off the chain ring.
Not wanting to fall behind I gave it a quick glance over and put it back on. 5 pedal strokes later it came off again. This time I gave it a little more careful look, still didn't see anything wrong so I put it back on and off I went... for another 5 or so pedal revolutions then it popped off yet again.
This is when I noticed that one of the chain links was coming apart.
Fortunately it was one link away from the quick link on my chain. So if figured I could pull that link by hand, reconnect it with the quick link and all would be good.
That was the idea anyway.
Unfortunately I had zero tool with me. Really all I needed was a 15mm wrench for my bolt on wheel. Trav said he had one but what he had was a Surly Jethro Tule which would have been prefect except I use B.O.B. Nutz so I can pull my trailer.
The Jethro Tule-o no fit-o
Trav attempted to use the Jethro Tule as a make shift hammer to push the link back together.
It worked until I put some torque on it and it popped apart again. I had gotten another few blocks down the road but had started to think my ride might be over unless the next bar (if I ever got there) happened to have a 15mm wrench or something similar I could borrow.
It popped off again and as I was putting it back on I noticed I was right in front of a auto repair shop. I stepped inside to see if I could borrow what I needed.
When I explained that we didn't have the proper tools the fella behind the counter smiled and chuckled saying "We? As in the guys that just rode off and left you?"
He got me a 15mm. I pulled the wheel and shorted the chain as planned.
Then realized that minus a link the chain was almost too short to get the wheel back into the drops. It was in there but just barley.
I made sure to really torque down the nuts in hopes that it would stay put.
I didn't take into consideration until later that the smart thing to do would have been to flip the wheel to the other smaller cog (17t compared to 19t). But it worked out just fine.

01-11-11 Ride 03901-11-11 Ride 018

OK. Only mechanical of the day solved.
I hopped back on and boogied down the road to Mike's Tavern where Trav and Murry were bellied up to the bar sipping beers and awaiting my arrival.
We picked Mike's as a stop for a couple reasons:
We hadn't been there in years and "back in the day" it was a regular pedal pub crawl stop.
The place has recently come under new ownership and was completely remodeled inside. Plus the bartender, Jay, is an old friend that I've know since I was 14.
We had a couple beers. Filled Jay in on our day. Took a couple photos of "Roscoe" the moose on the wall. Then said our good-byes.
As Trav pointed out it was well after 1:11 and he still had a baby sitter to rescue.

01-11-11 Ride 01901-11-11 Ride 020

So back towards 75th Street Brewery we went.

01-11-11 Ride 02201-11-11 Ride 025

We made it back to "Club 75" with no issues. The temps actually felt warmer but we also weren't riding into the wind. Once we were back we laughed about the day and talked about how we wished we had more time. We also got into Trav's thermos of hot chocolate and schnapps that he'd been carrying around all day.
We took a few "end of the ride" photos said our good-byes and parted ways.

01-11-11 Ride 034
01-11-11 Ride 029

As they drove off in their cars to other parts of town I pedaled towards home thinking about how it had been a great way to spend a Tuesday.
Bros, bikes & brews.
Sometimes theres noting better.

01-11-11 Ride 033
More photos from the day are over on my Flickr page if you are interested.
Thanks for reading. Stay warm.

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