Saturday, January 29, 2011

KC Sprints at Buzzard Beach...A damn good time.

Back home from KC Sprints at the Buzzard Beach with a quick note before I crash out.

Lots of fun at Buzzard Beach tonight.
Good crowd and some really fast & really close races.
There was some some fast people tonight.

Set up & ready to test
I couldn't find my camera so this is the only picture I got. We should have more coming from Rudy our unpaid intern.

Women's Top 3
3rd - Capt'n Coco
2nd - Pukey C (our favorite puker)
1st - Walleye

Men's Top 3
3rd - Weineis
2nd - TWA
1st - Black (reigning KC Sprints Champion)

Women's & Men's 1st place received: a pound of Broadway Coffee, a pair of gloves from Giro, pint glass from Eighth Inch & a short sleeved wool jersey.
The Women's was a Giro logo-ed Swobo jersey & the Men's was a Surly jersey.

Winner of the Raffle for the CycleOps Al Rollers was George the F.O.G. (Fast Old Guy)
Thanks for coming out George and giving it your all.
Even if most the time you were racing someone 1/2 your age.

Congrats to all of our winners!
We also want a give a big thank you to everyone that came out, all of our supportive sponsors and Buzzard Beach for hosting the event.

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