Friday, February 18, 2011

Gentlemen. Lets race.

MWI Gentlemen's Race 2011

Once again I have found 5 like minded individuals willing to ride all day with me to take part in the 2011 MWI Gentlemen's Race.
Just like last year the event will be held on March 19th the first day of Spring.
Hopefully unlike last year we don't get a huge amount of snow overnight cancelling the event.

Info straight from the man himself Crusty:

Why recreate the wheel when it has been perfected? Well that is not the intention here, what we want to do is replicate what has been done by others.

Here is a quote straight from Rapha's first Director " I sold it to the racers as an unsupported, unsanctioned, unmarshalled, six-rider team time trial meets alley-cat, meets ‘Cannonball Run’. Inspired in large part by the Rapha Continental style of riding long days, gravel roads, hard miles and finding your own way," Slate Olsen.

The course will be in and around rural Jackson/Johnson County on March 19th, 2011. The first day of Spring.

For those of you who live in this area know that these roads are rough, narrow, and hilly. On top of that this year the gravel sections will make up more than 50% +/- of the race . The plan is having two checkpoints, a pass near one convenient store, and a party afterwards to celebrate our accomplishments of the day. The mileage will be in the 75-90 mile mark.

Start with 6 members. Finish with 6 members to be officially scored/bragged about or harassed.
Elect one(1) person to contact for the event and pass on news to the team members.
Staggered starts will be required depending on the USCF category of team members.
Six(6) member rosters will be requested 4 weeks before the race. Must have rosters before team races, with 2 substitutes. Reminders will be sent out. NO Roster, NO Race.
Self supported, drop bags will be allowed with the checkpoint crew.
Remember you/team are volunteering to participate in this event.
Recommend not using your race wheels, we are not responsible for your choice's of equipment.
Have someone take a phone in case of emergency. Checkpoint crew #'s will be given day of event.
If you have a couple of volunteers please nominate them for help, just in case we might need more.

Rosters are due Sunday. I have sent ours in.
Looks like a good squad of locals and out of towners riding with me this year.

Our line up:
One Eyed z
Mr. Joshua
Mr. Clark

Should be good times.
We don't have illusions of winning.
We just want to have a good day on the bike, riding hard & having fun.
Hell if we can find a bar along the route we may not even finish the race.
After all we are flying the Evil flag.
Besides the other invited teams are filled with "real" racers.

The other invited teams:
360 Racing
Bicycle Shack Racing
Bike Iowa
Cow Town Cycling
Cycle City Racing
Epic Cycling Team
GP Velotek
KCOI Boulevard
My Wife Inc
Team Colavita/Parisi Coffee
The Wheel Cyclery
In A Tub Cycling Team
St. John's Shack
Team KCCX/Verge

We'll see in the coming weeks who has teams signed up.
Should be an interesting day.

For a little taste of what the Gentlemen's Race is all about heres a video of Rapha's West Coast Gentlemen's Race from 2010

2010 NW Gentlemen's Race from RAPHA on Vimeo.

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