Sunday, May 08, 2011

Its a 2 in 1... Mustache/Judgment Day ride May 21st

Free Mustache Rides

Mustache/Judgment day ride. May 21 …2-n-1.

The word from the Curb Destroyer:

"I was wanting to have a ride where all will have a Mustache.
Grow it, Stick it, Draw it on.
Mustache Ride.
The date was also the same day as some people believe is “Judgment Day”.
Judgment Day Ride

Let’s do both at once... 21... 2-n-1... Mustache... Judgment Day... it all seems to fit

The ride will start from Midwest Cyclery, then go North East towards Knuckleheads, then back West towards Strawberry hill, then back towards Wesport to Buzzard Beach with stops, detours in between."

Meet at Midwest Cyclery at 4pm

Mustache Ride

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