Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Oops I did it again.

Well if you haven't already heard through one of the other social media outlets I regularly whine about my life on...
i.e. my Twitter, FaceSpace or Mybook (possibly the only person who still has an active account)
Then you probably don't know that, per the normal, I got a bit carried away one night (this past Tuesday) with friends, crawled into the bottom of a bottle of booze, then crashed my bicycle on the ride home.
Pretty normal for me, right? Not so much this time.
The next morning I woke up early, not with a hangover (surprise!) but with a bad feeling something bad had happened.
And I was right, something had.
I rolled out of bed walked in the the bath room, looked in the mirror and was surprised to see a bloody battered face looking back at me.
A bloody battered face that was also missing teeth.
"Oh shit. This isn't good." Was my first thought.
"My Mom is gonna be PISSED!" Was my second.
Laying the bike down in some manner or another on the way home from a night out (sober or drunk) is a pretty regular thing for me. Typically its little to nothing. A failed track stand at a traffic light or sliding out in the gravel of the Trolley Trail.
Not this time.
Not being completely sure what happened (thank you booze and/or face plant) I can only guess.
And I'm not even sure what to guess besides that some where some how I came off the bike and plowed myself face first into the street.


So I'm left with this:

Never thought I was pretty...

Which really isn't all that bad.
The mustache hides most of it.
There was/is pain. But its not the teeth that hurt. Its the busted up lip that hurts.
The teeth don't have exposed nerves and they can eventually be fixed (so much for saving that tax return for this years trip to the RAGBRAI... damnit)
My biggest concern is the lip.
Per a phone conversation with my favorite ER doctor, Dr. Greg Cummings, (see his article on ticks and Lyme disease in the newest issue of Dirt Rag magazine) after 12+ hours its a little late to get a lip injury stitched up should it need it. Its already started to heal and you just have to hope for the best.
So heres to hoping mine heals nicely.
Because as much as I like my mustache I don't want to have to have it. 

Its been a just about a week and thankfully it does appears to be healing nicely.
The lip is a little tight. I can't make my "O" face or spit properly with out a bit of discomfort.
But all things considered I, once again, got pretty lucky.
I even managed to make it home with my bike which besides a tiny bit of wobble in the new front wheel is in prefect condition.

So. What have we learned today?
I do stupid stuff and when I do, stupid things happen to me.
No point in crying about it.
After all, I've got no one to blame but myself.

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MSDos5 said...

I had something similar happen to Me with a skateboard, now I look like a gerbil. *sand paper