Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Its that time of year again...

Time for the RAGBRAI!!

The RAGBRAI - ride too early in the day and this is what you get.RAGBRAI 2011 - official route

I'm heading to Des Moines, Iowa tonight with the OMB. Tomorrow we start riding west towards Breda, the big bagger meet up town.
Looking to be a grand week. Lots of friends to see, beers to drink, miles to ride and fun to be had.

The RAGBRAI 2010 203

2011 will make 10 trips to the RAGBRAI in a row and will earn me one more mark.

9 trips

Gonna be sweet.
Full report and fuzzy photos some time after I return.
And possibly even a few of these:

Ride bikes. Drink beer. Talk back to the Police.

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