Sunday, September 25, 2011


From the Bike Snob NYC's book:

The bicycle ranks right up there with the automobile, the 
sneaker, and the guitar as a ubiquitous cultural symbol. It's one 
of things that's part of all our lives at one time or another. 
Who doesn't remember their first ride without training wheels? 
Your bicycle is the first vehicle you operate completely on your 
own, and it occasions the first time in your life you lay out your 
own route and choose your own destination. There's hardly 
anybody who hasn't owned or at least ridden a bicycle at some 
point in his or her life. I mean, sure, you do come across people 
occasionally who never learned how to ride a bike, but it's rare and 
a little unsettling. It's like meeting someone who can't operate 
a washing machine, or a thrity-two-year-old guy who never 
learned how to pee standing up. You smile politely, you pity them 
silently, and then you move on down to the end of the bar.

Cyclist (noun) - One who rides a bicycle, even when he or she doesn't have to do so

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