Wednesday, January 11, 2012

KC Sprints Home Opener 4, Saturday!!

I'm a little lagging in getting KC Sprints stuff done this year. I'm not sure why. I think a lot of it has to do with having no events before now. Well unless you count the debacle that was another attempt at having an event in Topeka.
We swear that town is cursed for us.

No worries. There is a chance to redeem ourselves this Saturday at the Buzzard Beach:

KC Sprints Home Opener 4

If you are a FaceBooker you can get all the details HERE but if you are at all familiar with how KC Sprints works (its pretty much classified as flying by the seat of our pants) you know the drill.

Tournament sign ups and Grudge Matches begin at 8 PM
Tournament racing begins at 9 PM
Tournament racers are racing for the chance to win prizes from our fabulous sponsors:
Twin Six, Surly, Eighth Inch, PBR, Urban Velo, All Hail the Black Market, Giro, Midwest Cyclery, Portland Design Works, and more!

For those of you that don't follow the KC Sprints blog, FB page or even just my stuff you may not know that this season Jones has taken upon himself, in his drunken boredom, to design our posters.
Granted the first one was more due to our "commissioned artist" taking his sweet time to get the poster ready. Jones got a bit anxious and started doodling. This was the result:

 Jones art

Realistically, considering the drunken state of the artist (or just the artist), its not too bad.
You can see the inspiration for Jones' creation in all its gruesome glory on his Flickr page.
Pretty sure Corky will never live down being our "go to" puker at KC Sprints events.
I think she has puked at every event she has been at.

Example 1
Example 2
Example 3

We love her all the same though. How can we not? She takes our slogan seriously.

See you all Saturday night. Perhaps it will be your chance to use the bucket.


Angie "Coco" ...xoxo said...

I think the first puke was real.

Meetzorp said...

Catilin barfed at the all-girls' alleykat i hosted about three years ago, too. She took it upon herself to have an espresso shot at every coffee house and ended the race pale, shaking,, and retching.

God, I love that kid.