Friday, September 21, 2012

Email can be fun!

Found this in my inbox this morning dated today at 3:36 AM:

Hello KC,

My name is Elle, and just like you I also love cycling. I've been reading 
your blog for sometime now and get feeds on events and love reading what you
share on your rides. In connection to this, are you gonna visit the 
Interbike? I have an idea for a blog post regarding this event and I hope
you're open to it. I'll provide details if you are interested.



Hello Elle.

You seem like a nice girl (and/or computer program), but for someone (something)  that has "been reading your blog for sometime now" why did you address me as "KC"? 
That isn't my name, that is the abbreviation of my city's name.

Its also seems strange that you pose the question "are you gonna visit the Interbike?" the morning of the LAST DAY of Interbike. Obviously I'm not going if I'm not there already. 

And as far as your ideas for a blog post about Interbike, no I'm not open to it. 
I suspect that it would be nothing more than advertisement for the shitty website you work for. I even checked it out. Not interested

Now if somehow I am entirely off base on the above I apologize. 
However, if you really want to blog about cycling and Interbike here is my suggestion:
Start your own blog. 
Obviously it isn't that hard. I can do it.


**The downside to attempting to be clever: 
As I clicked the send button I remembered that my email automatically attaches my name, email & website along with the same for my attachments. Namely Midwest Cyclery, KC Sprints and Evil

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One Eyed z said...

She/It responded!

"Hi There,

Thank you for your response. I apologize for everything. I understand if
you're not interested into some blog ideas. I just want your blog to have
some new post about anything on the Interbike, Las Vegas where we can have
a link of what other things we can do in Las Vegas other than visiting the
Interbike. and I do believe that it is not bad. anyway I apologize for
everything. If you do have friends who's interested, please let me know so
I can have a deal with them.

Best regards,

Elle (or computer program)-

Once again, I was not at Interbike and therefore won't be blogging about Interbike.
And even if I was, I would not link to your companies ideas of other things to do in Vegas (part of the reason I wasn't at Interbike is my dislike for Vegas)
Additionally (since you aren't getting it) Interbike is over. It ended Friday. So your "other things to do" idea is a bit late to the party.
Everyone I know that was at Interbike is home and none of them would be interested in helping out your advertising campaign.

No reply is needed or required
Good day.