Monday, January 14, 2013

When the world gives you a sign...

...It is best to listen.
Obviously I did not.
Granted I only opened the fortune cookie, from the previous nights meal, after I got home from getting inked.

Yes mom its real.

  Probably should have opened that fortune cookie last night.

Its the first official KC Sprints tattoo lifted directly from our Home Opener #5 poster.
When I sent a pic to Jones he responded "Fuck Ya!" but the next night, at the bar, he seemed a little put out that I beat him to the punch.
He wants one too... I told him to stop stealing my tattoo ideas that I stole from him to start with.
We'll see what he does when he finishes his current ink project.

OK... enough bickering like an old married couple...

The point of all this was to remind all of you, the 4 people and my mom that read this blog, about:

Harling's Upstarts
8PM sign ups
9PM racing begins

Hopefully things go well. We haven't actually set up any of the gear or tested it since it was put away at the end of last winter.
This is a professional operation after all.
Fingers crossed.
Hope to see everyone there. 

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andrew rosenberg said...

nice, back in the game....the same game. like it was just a half time prep talk....stupor bowl february 2nd mpls.