Saturday, February 23, 2013

New tunes for the weekend

If you follow me on any of my other social network thing-a-ma-gigs, the first question might be, Why?
Surely you have better things to do.
But whatever the reason, you and the other 3 people that "follow" me (Hi Mom!), may already be aware of the following:
Thanks to a recent blog by the fine fellows over at Surly Bicycles I have a some new music on heavy rotation in my ear holes.
The one that has seen the most play time (besides the new album from the Bronx or whatever is on NPR) is a band called Goat
I would make a terrible music reviewer since my only description of their sound would be that it is: really f'n good. Guitars, horns, keyboards, drums and vocals mix in a quasi tribal sound that has really hooked me the last couple days. 
I suggest checking it out and to give you a taste I've posted a couple of their odd videos below.



*Cover of World Music: the Goat album that has hooked me and the two songs above are from
Getting some heavy rotation in my ears the last couple days. Goat - World Music

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