Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I'm very excited to announce:

 My home now has interweb access!

I know.
I know.

Odds are this means I'll get back to updating things here a little more often.
Or I'll just spend a lot of time on Netflix.
Time will tell.

Until then...
Here is a snazzy photo my lady took on the way home from last weekends BikeIowa dot Coms Iowa Spring Classic Gravel Race in Cumming, IA.

On the way home from the Cumming, IA gravel race

And another from my Instagram from this week when I test rode a Surly Pugsley after tuning it up:

 Pugsley post tune up test ride. Now I know I want one.

Now that you are updated on my life... well sorta....
 I'm gonna ride my bike to find some dinner... and some new tooth paste.

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