Saturday, October 05, 2013

Tired of Twiddling Our Thumbs AKA Shop Propaganda

Fall is quickly approaching (at least here in Iowa. It was a chilly ride in to work this morning) and the bike shop business is already starting to drop off.
Which means its the perfect time to get your bike serviced.
There is still plenty of riding time left before the temps plummet and the snow flies (if that stops you, but it shouldn't) so why not make sure your rig is in shape for getting out there?
Besides, we (I) need something to keep us (me) busy all day, before the boss starts wondering what he pays me for... (my looks can only get me so far, bring me your bike!)

Bike World service special? Heck ya! #shoppropaganda @bikeworldiowa

Speaking of getting out there, has anyone else noticed that its dark by 7PM?
Time to make sure your bicycle like device is equipped with both front and rear lights.
Not only is a good idea, that whole not wanting to get run over thing, but apparently in Iowa its the law:

It's that time of year. Don't get caught out in the dark.

And should you be needing some lights we sell those too.
You can pick some up while I'm tuning up your ride. Heck I'll even install them.

Well this was fun. Enjoy your Saturday.
I'm gonna get back to finishing a repair. The boss is looking at me funny.

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