Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I don't wanna sound like I've drank the Kool-Aid but...

Trek having the best of the best in Cyclocross on their bikes says something.


And the 2014 Factory Team looks promising as well.


That being said.. don't go thinking you'll find me riding Trek.
(Its a no money issue not a anti Trek issue)
Unless, of course, I score a classic steel frame from somewhere (although I'd prefer a classic Bontrager)
Or some (clearly) insane person provides me a Boone or a Madone.
Project One versions of course.
After all, when a (clearly) insane person is providing you with a free bike of this caliber, you pull out all the stops.
You aren't paying for it. Granted you probably will in some fashion or another.
The provider is (clearly) insane after all.

My stable is pretty full*and if I need anything I need to up date some of my components.
Replace a shifter or two.
Ah... The little things...

*(even if the bike owner formula is n+1... But don't tell my lady I said that)

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