Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Films. Now with lots of linkage!

Saw this recently on Trackosaurusrex

Oh man... am I ready for some dry dirt.
My SSCX got a over haul this winter and it needs to get out!
New bar (Salsa Cowbell 2), stem (Bontrager), headset (Chris King of course), wheels (Surly/Phil Wood laced to HED Belgium Plus hoops), cranks (SRAM) & chain ring (Surly)
I ditched the orange Chris King headset, so the Nature Boy is all black & white with silver bits (Paul cantis). (no pics yet. sorry)
Gotta get it out.

Speaking of CX bike up grades...
The geared CX, All-City Macho Man, got a touch of an update as well.
It now sports a orange Chris King headset to go with the Amigo Orange Paul Mini-Moto brakes.
How's that for a cool colorway?
I'm thinking it needs a Salsa Cowbell 2 bar as well. Cause its oh so comfy.
The Macho has a new set of wheels on the way as well.
Just days before the CIRREM (report on that coming soon, well I hope so. Granted I wasn't expecting to do this post so we'll see what happens) I discovered cracks in the rims.
Not good. Not good at all.
So I moved my Mavic Aksium over to it from my Colnago.
Looks pretty hot. Yeah?
But its only temporary.
At some point I'll have my set of old school XTR hubs laced into another set of HED Belgium Plus rims to go back on it.
Also planning to re-space the XTR hubs down from 135 to 132.5 or 130 since, not being disc hubs, I doubt they will ever be used on a MTN rig again.

Since we are talking about bike upgrades....
The Colnago got some love this winter too.
*Damn zeke. No wonder you are always broke!*
I've wanted a straight legged steel road fork for the Colnago since I acquired it from a customer back in KC at Midwest Cyclery.
I'd searched and searched and could find nothing 1" that wasn't raked for track use or didn't cost $400.
Then it dawned on me... War Axe Bicycles makes forks.
Even better, I know those guys!
I contacted Sam and he was eager to build my desired fork.
A few months later it arrived.
Its tits.

Currently the Colnago sports a set of Bontrager RXL wheels that are on loan/demos from Bike World.
They are nice wheels. So nice I wanna set.
And I'd probably have some if I hadn't just missed out on the 50% off  wholesale for Trek University ninjas deal.
Ah well. I ain't got no money (as shown above).
The Mavic's will be back on there soon enough.

OK. That about covers it for this post.
There is more to talk about: my first year in Des Moines, gravel racing & the new racing team that I joined.
But that will have to wait for a different day.

Have a good weekend!

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