Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I guess this is a thing now.

Former pros doing fix a flat videos... At least this one isn't uncomfortable to watch.

How to Fix a Flat from 9W magazine on Vimeo.


Another former pro and a actual bike mechanic/shop owner Geneo from One On One Bicycle Studio in MPLS:

And then there is the greatest flat fix video ever made, and my personal favorite, from Golden Saddle Cyclery in LA. I don't know who the "star" is but I like her.

*Edit - 12/05/14 - As an anonymous comment points out (who, based off the referring to me as "Big Dummy", I suspect is OMB) the credits at the end of the clip say who she is. Whatever.

Panty Raid: "How to Fix a Flat" from Panty Raid on Vimeo.

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