Saturday, October 17, 2015


Smoother than me. Fo sho.

Nightmare On KOM Street from Kyle Scully on Vimeo.

New content for this page is all ways spinning in my head.
Rarely does it make it to the keyboard.
If that wasn't obvious.

Been on the bike a lot.
101k race last Saturday. Top 10 finish.
Not bad considering that I hadn't gone with the intention of racing.
It just kinda happened.

Almost daily trips through Sycamore on various steeds.

Have really gotten back into my Krampus. Really wasn't into it for a while.
Couldn't seem to get the fit right.
Dropped the stem from 100, to 90 and then to 70
70 is prefect. Suddenly the bike was fun again.
Glad I figured it out before it went to the chopping block.

Planning another "Don't Kill the Boss" ride tomorrow.
Gravel loop. I'm sure he'll dig it.
Granted that's not until after the World Cup in Valkenburg
Which is on EARLY
So I should go to bed.
No surprise the typing comes easy at midnight, this post was gonna stop at the video.

Have a good weekend.

#coffeeoutside #sycamorevibes

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