Friday, January 15, 2016

Do you like the music?

A few years ago at the suggestion of Capt'n Dave I started listening to Bob Mould.
I'm not sure why I hadn't before. He seems to be right in line with the kind of music I dig (which bounces all over the place).
The former front man of bands such as Husker Du and Sugar this solo stuff I find to be quite enjoyable. (And yes I know the u in Husker Du is missing the little dots above it, I couldn't figure out how to do it... sue me)
He has a new album coming out soon and I also recently found a few videos from ol' Bob.

First up is the video for the single I Don't Know You Anymore off the Beauty and Ruin album,
"It will change the way thinking people think about thinking..."
Well OK not really but you'll get it if you watch the video.

Note the cameo of Colin from The Decemberist which is pretty funny although I am unfamiliar with the band.


Then we have the newest effort from Bob with a video from the first single off his new album Patch the Sky called Voices in my Head

Good stuff from Bob. I'm excited to hear the new album.
Check him out on Spotify, or (even better) your local music dealer.


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