Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Fat Bike Blues

From the Draft file via January 2017:

Texts I sent to my lady (editors note: now ex) during & post a recent ride on my new to me fat bike. Clearly there were some issues

*Feeling like the biggest chump in the world for falling for the idea that getting a fat bike would be fun. This fucking sucks and I'm probably gonna have to walk this piece of shit home. Damnit.

*Stupid loud rear brake and a rear tire that won't hold air. Fuck me.

*FYI don't worry. A few minutes being upset, then a few minutes feeling foolish for being upset, followed by shaking my head & getting to work fixing the problem.
Decided just to ride home after just in case the fix didn't fix it. Used all my c02 & with a fat tire my little hand pump doesn't seem to do much.
Kind of a downer but overall it's just part of the deal when it comes to riding bikes.
Got home had a smoke, opened a beer, orders Jimmy Johns. 👍😻😻😻


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