Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bike to Work Week - Day Three... bad drivers

Almost got taken out this morning by a lady who accelerated around me to turn into a parking lot off of Tomahawk Creek parkway.
She almost hit me and I was upset by it.
There was another turn into the parking lot so I turned in found her car and confronted her. I wasn’t yelling I tried to be polite and point out that what she did was dangerous to me and her.

Me- Are you really in such a damn hurry to get to work that you think its OK to cut me off?
Her – Oh yeah, sorry about that. But yes, I am in a hurry because I am late to work.
She starts to walk off at this point but I am not done… and I am still trying to be some what polite.
Me- Do you realize how late to work you would have been if you hit me?
Her walking away – Ok, but I am late for work.
Me – You should be ashamed of your self.
Her – I told you, I am late for work!
Me now mad and riding away – F#ck You!!

Other than that my ride to work on the third day of Bike to Work week was quite pleasant.

Did you ride your bike to work today?
In the commuter challenge I have fallen back to 8th place with 105 miles for the week. Just realized that I could add my tenths of miles from each day but don't know what they are from any day except today... oh well.

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