Thursday, July 19, 2007

Ready... Set... Go!

Heading to Iowa City tomorrow to begin the 2007 RAGBRAI. Too lazy at the moment to rewrite or cut and past so I will link you to this other blog of mine.
Be back in action around the 31st, hopefully with good stories to share and photos to boot.

I will leave you with this little tid bit from my man BRose.

Don't even open your mouth...A bike mechanics poem...
If you can't beat me in a street fight; shut the fuck up.

NO I don't know what that is worth to you, to me it is an old worthless piece of shit and I would throw it away. NO those two old piece's of crap are not compatible. NO I don't know why no one hasn't ever made that stupid thing you are describing to me. NO that would not be a cool thing to do. NO I do not want to sell or buy that, for/from you/me. NO it does not fit. NO it is not light weight. NO I don't know who makes that. NO...NO...NO...Why?

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