Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Homie Fall Fest is Approching!!

The Homie Fall Fest is approching!

Get yourself to MPLS! I went last year and threw down all weekend!
- lifted from the Surly blog-

Homie Fall Fest 2007hom·ie /ho-mi/ Pronunciation Key - [hoh-mee]–adjective, hom·i·er, hom·i·est. comfortably imbibing and riding single speed bicycles with friends in the woods.

The pride and joy of the Minneapolis Mafia, the anchor leg of the defunct Minneapolis Metro Frothy Mug Single Speed Series and the only rally event to happen every year here since 1997 is once again about to rear it's ugly head. Yes, the Homie (or Homey, depending on who made the flyer that year) Fall Festival is happening again on Saturday, October 20th.Here is the flyer with everything you need to know. Don't e-mail us for details unless you promise to bring a piƱata full of homebrew, mini bacon burgers and oatmeal creme pies. No seriously, everything you need to know is on the flyer.

posted by Swervy @ Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Check out this write up from Steveil.

I figure the normal band of crazies will be there, but then agian its their town!
I know some Norh Cal kids will be there and some Nebraska kids too.
Where will you be on the 20th?

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