Tuesday, October 02, 2007

KC Urban Cyclist Project

This past Saturday ChrisGo! did a photo shoot of KC urban cyclists. Handly titled the KC Urban Cyclist Project
I was there and I think the photos came out ok.
What do you think?

Went on a 3+ hour ride on the single speed cross bike Sunday. I tried to map the route out on www.mapmyride.com but its hard to do when most of the ride ended up on single track. If you look at the map on hybrid you notice that alot of the ride is in the trees. I rode from home to the Blue River Parkway Trails and back basically.
Great day and a good ride. Made me realize that uping the gear from 38/18 to 39/17 was a good idea. I don't spin out as quick on the road and can still push it off road as well.

Today I changed out the handle bar and stem on the CRB once again. Although I liked the WTB Mountain Drop bar and I used a On One Midge bar before it. I just couldn't get comfotable on either one. The WTB made my hands hurt for some reason. I think it might have been the angle of the hoods. Plus its is almost twice as heavy as a regular drop bar. So I switched back to the bar that came stock on the CRB when I purchased it last year,a Ritchey BioMax Handlebar.
I also have a 17t cog on order from Surly to go on a wheel I picked up earlier this year in a trade. I think running a Mavic Cosmic Elite as my race wheel with a Michelin Mud tire (that I had forgotten I had a set of) will be lighter than the Phil flip flop I am using now. The only other thing I would like to change on the bike would be the fork. I don't remember cutting the steer tube on the stock fork but its a bit shorter than I would like. I contacted my buddy Rob the other day about getting him to make up a Badger cross fork for me. I picture it white with green Badger logos to match the green and white on the frame. Should be slick if I can get it.
Speaking of cross... Looks like the first local race is on the 14th. Hopfully I will be ready. I am feeling good but still need to get more cross specific training in. We will see how it goes.

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gwadzilla said...

I have been riding the Salsa Bell Laps
and honestly

I really like them

I spend a good amount of time on the hoods or on the flat

have wanted to try a dirt drop
but have not been ready to spend the money
as I had already purchased two pairs of the Salsa Bell Laps when a deal presented itself