Sunday, October 07, 2007

Double flats and rain

I was lazy and just couldn't get motovated before noon today to go ride.
I had decided to repeat my route from last sunday on the cross bike (see previous post. I didn't get far.
I was on an abandoned road about 5 miles out from home when I double pinched flatter.
In the jersey pocket were one fresh tube and one C02... this isn't gonna work.
So I shouldered the bike and walked home
I changed the tubes and intended to try again but in the process of changing the tubes it began to rain.
I don't mind riding in the rain and I set out to ride the first time knowing that I would be
However when you are home and dry after walking/carrying your bike for 5 miles heading out into the rain for a ride is just damn unappealing
I know I should and I sat here for a while still team kit clad waiting for a break in the shower to head back out
I gave up on waiting and took a shower of my own and opened a beer
Perhaps I will spend the afternoon with a melo drunk and a movie
I did stop and rent a couple yesterday on the way home from a ride.
Coffee and Cigerattes
Look at that
Beer #1 is down and its still raining
Looks like movie watching and interweb surfing will be the thems of the afternoon

*The long walk home*

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