Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Back on the commute

Got off my ass and back on the bike for commuting duties today. Rode the normal route to work but then headed over to BuRP for some single track on the way home.

Not too bad of a route I would say. Wasn't sure how to get from the shop at 135th/Quivera to BuRP but I figured it out and in less time than I expected.
Good thing too.
Going to use that route tomorrow after work to get to Martain City to meet the Moms for dinner at Jack Stack.
Yummmm.... BBQ
Hopefully I wont be so full of BBQ and beans that I won't have to struggle on the ride home.
Will have to make sure I remember lights tomorrow for the ride home in the dark.
I will have to choose the route based off of what time I leave the restaurant.
Enjoy the pics

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