Thursday, November 29, 2007

So much for that idea

Another good idea gone wrong.
The finial decision came down today from HQ. The blog site that I created for the shop has to go.
HQ seemed to like it but don't want it. "Thanks for your efforts" was the all I was told.
I never got a real answer to why it can't stay but I have taken a couple of good guesses.
1) It wasn't their idea or a approved idea
2) It wasn't the "shop's" blog but "zeke's" blog
3) The content wasn't under their control
Fair enough but not necessarily true. I don't want to keep beating a dead horse but...
1) I asked for permission to do it or something like it a week before Turkey day and never got an answer
2) It was the shop's blog not mine. I did if for the store and had it set up with a separate login for any employee to use to post with if they wanted.
3) No the content wasn't but if they wanted it to be I could have easily turned over to them with a simple change of email address.
*Although that was kind of the point. Not to bash on my shop, its owners or my boss but I found our official shop site to be boring and it lacked local content. I wanted local control since it was going to have local content. HQ is in Colorado not KC, quite a ways away to be up to speed on daily shop happenings.

I do feel as if I have made some of head way with them.
There is now content on the official store site about KCCX. Its not on the main page, like I would prefer, but its there. Click on the events tab for Kansas City and there is the flier of the event that is also a link to the KCCX web site. It is an improvement. It's a large chunk of why I stared the blog to begin with. HQ hadn't been promoting the event as I thought we should. Granted you have to look for it but its there and its place a start. I am hoping this step in the right direction means things will get better. Not just a good way to shut me up about it for a while. No, I will continue to beat the drum for a addition to our site for each individual store to post local content, ride reports, new product announcements, photos etc etc...
But until then I guess all the local shop content I want to post will just have to live here on my page. The "un-official blog" will be gone by the weekend. I considered changing it a bit and keeping it as a store based supplement to this page but that may not happen. Besides if HQ found out they my not like that idea either. So here it will say.
So that just means all the ideas I had for it will get used right here on the One Eyed View. Why not? Might even set this up for contributions from other store staff if they are interested.
As I said in an email to my boss today concerning this hole blog fiasco...

"I am here to rock the boat. But if I rock it too hard I will end up treading water just like everyone else"


sydney_b said...

I hope they listen to u. Stores/corporates where everything is run through a committee are so dull and lifeless. I think a bike shop especially needs to have something that exudes some spirit, stays current, and cultivates its clientel/community.

One Eyed z said...

That would be nice but it isn't gonna happen
Oh well