Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Beard conflicts

Its been a couple of months and its starting to make me crazy.
Yes I like it
Yes I want to shave it
I want to do it tonight

I am in a "Beard Off" aganist Unky Joins
I must resist temptation until at least the 15th of February.
I don't know if I can.
If nothing else I would like to trim it back to a "respectful" length.
No more Grizzly Adams.

I am conflicted.
I want to win.
I want Unky Joins to buy me "Shiny Things" not the other way around (the wager).
In the last month I have heard that the beard looks great, "I admire your dedication", and "you'd be cute if you lost the beard".

I am conflicted.
But I will be strong.
I will not shave.

In a text I just got from Unky Joins...
" One more month bud, suck it up"

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Keep it! It's cool in a homeless guy meets "Brokeback Mountain" sort of way. 'Sides, the sheep will love it!