Monday, January 21, 2008


Monday... its still cold.
I know. "Dude. Enough with the crying about the cold already."
Sorry, I fully admit to being a cry baby.
Its true.
I am just not a fan of cold weather.
I have been attempting to convince myself to get back into a regular schedule for riding the trainer.
I told myself that its either outside or on the trainer.
Either way DO IT.

We are past the first of the year which means that if I want to be in any kind of riding shape come March 2nd, it starts now.

March 2nd is the first mountain bike race on my schedule.
Heartland Sports Promotions XC#1 at Landhl Park in Blue Springs, Missouri.
I am not one for training. The goal is just to make sure come race #1 I am in better shape than was last spring and hella better shape than I am currently.
First thing first, dump the extra that I acquired in the just passed holiday season.
I am not the only factor the needs to be different for this season. I need the weather to play along so Race #1 is not my first MTB ride of the season.
I had a pretty dismal showing in the 2007 HSP XC series.
Weather and work did not help.
More than half of HSP races were postponed and moved to different dates thanks to weeks of rain and standing water in the trails.
All the rain dates I miss do to job commitments.
I ended up the MTB season with a DNF at the Perry XC race, a 5th place Duo finish at a 6 hour race.
2 races... oh boy.
Pretty sucky compared to finishing top 5 or better every XC race of 2006. It was the come back season after the accident. I have apparently slacked off a bit since then.
My Cyclocross season wasn't really all that spectacular either.
I came off of RAGBRAI feeling strong on the bike.
Once again I let things slip and I was back to fighting for fitness.
Can't let this happen in '08.

I can't control the weather but the body I do have "some" control over.
My busy spring through fall work schedule cuts out alot to ideal "training" ride hours. This makes it more essential that I don't slack off on the commuting in '08 either. Not only is it just a good thing to do, it automatically gives me 2+ hours a day on the bike. I think taking the long way home should get even longer this year. More often than not the pedal into work turns in to a 15 mile time trial. Racing the clock to avoid being late to work. Hope the cars around me aren't doing their own AM time trial.

I sat down the other day, made a list of my bikes and what if any repairs or part changes they needed during these cold months while they are on break.
Besides a couple of items I would like to change on the Karate Monkey I think my fleet simply needs to be tuned up. Maybe a couple of new chains but everything is pretty set on them.
The KM though I need to throw some money at before March.
I would like to get a new fork. Not suspension, that's not my style, but something that isn't the stock fork that can beat the snot out of you. I have my eye on a Orgin 8 Blak Ops carbon disc 29er fork. I have head good things about this fork, it has no weight limit unlike other forks I have looked at, and the price is right.
I also need to get new axles for my Surly/Salsa 29er wheels. I need to switch from bolt on to quick release. Nothing more frustrating than getting a rear flat with a bolt on wheel. Kiss your race good bye. I could (possibly should) pick up some new disc hubs of some sort (have my eye on a nice set that have been taking up shelf space at the shop for too long) and lace up a set a new set of wheels. Go tubeless too. I had considered getting a whole new 29er all together (eyeball'n the Specialized Stumpjumper 29) but everything in my stable (with the exception of the CRB XC) is steel. Plus new frames cost $$, and I really need to stop giving in to my wants for a while. I have attempted to tell myself that I am NOT buying new bikes in 2008.
Now nothing NEEDS to be changed on the KM. It works fine the way it is and has for a couple of years. The fork and the wheels should be considered "wish list" items since they are not required. It sure would be nice though.

OK. Time to quit. My mind has started to wander and I have spent the last several minutes staring into space listening to music.
No links no photos, boring post today.
5 minutes left in Monday, I got to go.

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Bun E said...

I had mixed feelings about going away from Steel last year. 2 SS steel framed 29er (OK, the XXIX is suspended in front and is a 1x9 sometimes) but I have to say that once I got on the GF SuperCal 29 I really learned to love the double boinger. Just a thought. Hells, you're the bike shop dude.

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