Saturday, January 12, 2008

Cold Saturday ride

Home after spending a majority of the day on the bike
It was pretty chilly and got colder as the day went along
This time of year the Saturday ride mileage gets shorter and the beer stops get longer
Only 25 miles today, 3 bars and many beers
the last chuck home was C-O-L-D
Defrosting now
Gonna shower, nap, eat, and then jump the fence to a neighbor's house for her PBR party.
Supposed to go to Dubb's improve show but I am worked from riding in the cold so I don't think I will make it back down town tonight.
Sorry Dubbs
Got home from the ride and found my 'care package' from Lincoln one the front step.
CVO sent me some of his home made beef jerky
Tasty stuff
Thanks buddy.
Off to the shower, nap, eat, and then drink some PBR!!
good times

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