Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ramdom scribbles

A friend linked me to this today.
It reminded me of this:
hipster-bingo - Photo Hosted at Buzznet

Its Wednesday and I got nothin'.
The weather is crap.
Its 27 with a wintery mix out currently.

Monday evening I put in 45 on the trainer while watching Shoot'em Up
I liked it... thumbs up.
Stopped a couple nights at Dirty Ron's Red Box for movies.
I watched The Kingdom last night.
Its pretty good... thumbs up.
I stretched and did push-ups.
Then probably ruined it all by eating ice cream.
Gotta stop giving in to those kind of thoughts.
Watched War tonight.
It was all right. Definitely has an unexpected twist.
It gets a thumbs up simply because I didn't hate it.
Not the best movie I have seen this week.

In other news...
My new shoes arrived Tuesday morning curiosity of the Brown Army.
I was needing some for standing at work (not to mention the bar and for pushing flat pedals).
Ended up with a pair of Converse Premiere All Star.
I know; not the kind of shoes that spring to mind when you think about standing all day.
These aren't your daddy's Chuck Taylor's.
Thicker different sole and a mild arch support.
They really remind me of my ragged old pair of Ked's... only new.
I am looking forward to lots of good times in these kicks.
I also made an impulse buy of a pair of Swobo Bruno shpantz today.
Damn them and their Yard Sale.
I bet my first born child I will love them.

Other than all that and this...
I got nothin'
Go read a book

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P.I.A. One Speed Freak said...

Love the new shoes. I really wish Converse didn't cost an arm & a leg over here. Probably close to double U.S. prices.

Saw War on the plane back from Vietnam. Not bad. I did like the ending. Also watched Superbad. Kind of like some of the other slacker kid movies but good.

You going to World's?