Thursday, February 28, 2008

Did I mention...

I received 97 Knog lights for the store last week. Very happy that we have them. Bought myself a few. Cool little light that works really well. And as an added bonus you don't have use tools to install them. This of course means that you can swap them from your mountain bike, to your commuter to your bar bike quickly and easily.

Knog is cool.

They also have some very innovative bags that I would like to get. I have bags but I always seem to end up with a the biggest one you can get, like my Orblite or my Chrome.

Not the best for carrying little loads to the bar or other places.

Nothing like walking through the crowed bar with a big bag knocking people out of your way.

I think a Knog might suit that purpose nicely.

I dig their catalogue too. Must be because its full of good info... or maybe its just the two hot chicks making out on the last page... can't be sure...


Meetzorp said...

What the hell does girl-mackin' have to do with blinky-blinky lights?

wunnspeed said...

Knog lights are pretty great! I have a front (well, I did till Kera stole them) and rear set. They're bright, fit almost anything and they're so inexpensive.

Guys love girls kissing. I'm not sure why.

As far as a bag goes, Kera is still mulling backpack ideas for you.

One Eyed z said...

The girls have nothing to do with the lights, I just liked the last page of the catalogue. Its full beautiful people... well these tow gals, another stunning gal on one dude... holding a garden hose.