Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Whats up this weekend?

Well since you asked I'll tell you.

Friday night (02/29/08)
Critical Mass
Meet at the Sunfresh in Westport 630-ish
(Not sure if I will be there or not due to other plans)

The Sex Police!
The Brooksider 11PM to close
SKA/Reggae/rocksteady classics
(this I will be at)

Saturday (03/01/08)
No real plans but I wanna ride my bike and maybe have a beer or two.
What I do will strongly depend on if Sunday's race is postponed or not.

Sunday (03/02/08)
Heartland Mountain Bike Championship Series race #1
Landahl Park in Blue Springs, MO
Bike race at noon
Trail run at 8AM
***these races Sunday have the potential to be postponed due to trail conditions.
The HSP staff is waiting on the weather and will announce if the race is a Yea! or Na! Friday morning on the HSP website.
Not sure if I want Sunday's race to be postponed or not.
I would like to ride my 29er since I think the last time I was on it on a trail was at Homie Fall Fest in MPLS back in October.
But I also think that some time to get an off road ride or two under my belt before my first race wouldn't be a bad idea either.
So far this MTB race season is starting off strikingly similar to '07.
My first MTB ride of the year was also a race... and early season postponements killed my MTB race season. I don't' want this to happen, again.
However, I would also like to put the first race off for another reason. I have parts on order for my 29er that haven't arrived yet.
Waiting on my On-One Carbon SL fork (not sure how long that will take since its jumping the pond from the UK), my new axles to convert my Surly bolt on hubs to quick release, and I still want to lay a fresh coat of paint and some new decals on my 29er. But hell if that doesn't happen it doesn't happen.
I would just like to ride on some dirt.
Real DIRT, not frozen mud, mud, snow, or any sort of slush crap.

I guess all I do is to hurry up and wait.

I hate waiting.


Bun E said...

Man, I can not wait until the trails dry. I have actually praying for a steady kansas city straight wind! My fat ass has got to ride some MTB. Hell, my fat ass needs to ride anything! Good luck on on Sunday.

One Eyed z said...

I want dry trails and enough day light or warmer temps so I can get on some dirt