Monday, February 25, 2008

HMBCS #1 Sunday!

My first mountain bike race of the season it this Sunday (March 2ND) at Landahl Park in Blue Springs. Assuming (hoping) that trail conditions get better over the course of the week the race should happen as planned.
Should be an intresting race for me. I haven't been on my 29er since Homie Fall Fest back in October and haven't been on a bike much at all. If the weather holds this week I need to get off my butt and get in a few commutes. Today would have been perfect but per the norm I was moving too slow to be able to dedicate an hour of bike time to the ride in today.
I have been slacking on the working out if I am not riding plan over the last month. Need to put a stop to that.
Should also be interesting to see how my wrist does riding ridged off road. I injured my palm/wrist is a stupid drunken over the bars incident several months ago. Everything is healed up but every once in a while I get some wrist pain doing something. I still don't think I can do push-ups with my palms flat on the floor because of it.
Hopefully my new fork I ordered will be here this week. Brant over at On One set me up with a pretty sweet deal on one of their Carbon SL 29er forks (see a few posts back below).
This purchase got the ball rolling for me on some changes I want to make to the KM.
I ordered some new axles for my limited edition purple Surly "New" Disc hubs so I can convert them from bolt-on to quick release. Nothing worse than doing well in a race only to flat with a bolt on wheel. I considered lacing up a new set of 29er wheels so I could have a cassette rear hub but that isn't in the cards for now and converting the current wheels is way cheaper and easier.
I am also considering getting the KM painted. But with the season quickly approaching that may not happen. I don't know where to get it painted for starters. I considered just cleaning and sanding the frame and the rattle caning myself. However I want to look good when its done and I don't have the time or the space to do a project like that currently. Got a lead on one guy but I have yet to call him and talk time and price. I am lazy.
QR wheels and a new fork might be all that the bike gets for now. Paint and new decals will have to wait.
This is of course assuming that the new parts I ordered will be here this week and I take the time to get them installed.
Check out the HSP site for details on the race. Hopefully this year will be better than last and the early HSP races wont get postponed due to horrible trail conditions. I would actually like to be able to do them this year.


Meetzorp said...

My bet is that it's going to get postponed. It keeps doing this sleet/thaw/sleet/thaw cycle, plus it's not going to be frozen after the 50F that's slated for Saturday. The forecast is talking about rain/snow on Sunday, to boot.

wunnspeed said...

Have fun with the race and good luck getting the new fork. HSP still has dumb names for their races. I tried to keep them from doing it when I had a tiny sliver of control.

Meetzorp said...

That OTB incident...would that happen to be the occasion that you were drunk, talkin' on the cell while riding your fixie, and ended up with a gash on your palm that gave a pretty fair imitation of a stigmata?

One Eyed z said...

Yes the OTB incident was that time.