Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ever heard of a CELLO?

I have a B.O.B. trailer and I really like it.
I don't use it a lot but I enjoy having it when I do need it.
I don't travel much and any that I do I drive.
I haven't traveled by air, or train ever.
Took the Greyhound home from Wyoming once, that was quite experience.
But if I used any other travel method besides driving or pedaling I think I would like to have a CELLO to protect my bike.
Turn your B.O.B trailer in to a travel case. What a great idea!
You have to box up you bike to fly it anyway, why not pull it behind you?
I was talking to my buddy e. up in Washington tonight and he has one of these and digs on it.
The CELLO is from Wandertec and looks like a great idea for those traveling long distances but still wanting to be car free once they arrive at the destination.
I like the idea so much I wish I had use for one.
The most my B.O.B. gets used for is grocery shopping or pulling a cooler of beer to Critical Mass, a party some where, or just to have on a long ride.
We will just put in on the "wish list" so as soon as you people want to start buying me stuff... I'll take one.
Speaking of Critical Mass... its tomorrow.
Its finally not completely frigid out so the numbers should start growing.
Round up is at 630 in the Sunfresh parking lot in Westport
Roll around 7-ish to ride for a couple hours
Whew, long day today!
Punched the shop clock at 8 this morning and clocked out 7-ish tonight. I had quite of bit of receiving to do so I got there early.
Its a good thing I did to.
I didn't really consider that today was the first day of our annual spring sale which meant we spent the first couple hours that every one was there putting up all the sale signage.
We seemed fairly busy, I would expect it to be nutty in there today. I put a pretty big dent in my stack of stuff but not enough.
The official count says I received 1,537 pieces of product today but I know that 1,200+ of that was just tubes. Pretty good day over all.
I want to get in early again tomorrow so I can bust out what is left and put a dent in or completely wipe out anything that comes tomorrow and bail early.
Cause its Friday!
There are bikes to be ridden, beers to be drank, and friends to slap hands with.
Race on Saturday is still scheduled.
Racers are pumped but the promoters seem worried of another rain out.
The rain we thought we were getting the last couple of days has yet to arrive. The forecast seems to keep moving the rain back another day. As with any early spring MTB race its a waiting game to see what Mother Nature is gonna do. I am not overly excited to race, I just want to go for a long trail ride.
Speaking of new stuff (was I?) my new Sockguy socks arrived today.
I got an industry email last week about a deal Sockguy was doing with Kentic Coffee for bike mechanics. X amount of dollars got me 4 pairs of mechanic theamed socks and a bag of Kentic Coffee. It seems like a good deal and I like the look of she socks so when pay day rolled round I jumped on it. There are 4 pairs of socks. One pair is a 3" cuff regular cycling sock with Kentic Coffee's logo on it. Then there are 3 pairs of tall 5" cuff and are"woolish". I dig on new socks. But stupid me for got to bring them home so I guess I will wear old socks tomorrow.
Speaking of tomorrow time is getting away from me tonight.
I still have things I want to do before I hit the rack. I better get on it.
Have a grand Friday and a great weekend!

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