Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Whoa... Monday and other notes

OK Mondays post was a bit much.
I should probably take it down but that seems to defeat the idea of the blog.
That post is an example of letting a bad day get the best of you.
Yes, I really am friends with some of the people I work with just different than past co-worker friends. No matter.
The point of the post was to for me to vent and bitch which in turn makes me feel better.
I woke up Tuesday with whole new out look and had a great day (also hit the dirt on the 29er that morning).
Productive (though long) store meeting so hopefully with a the big annual spring sale starting soon (tomorrow?) by the weekend we are all on the same page.
The store is always crazy busy during the sale so doing things right is key.

After the meeting I ended up going out to meet a friend for a drink. We never ended up drinking just talking. Next thing you know its approaching sun rise. I boogied home for a quick nap and went to work.
Needless to say I never quite felt with it today. It kinda sucked because I have a lot to do and time is short before the sale and I didn't get crap done today.
To make up for this I am shooting to be there extra early tomorrow and see if I can put a dent in the stack before the distractions of co-workers and customers are there.
In the past I have done this but I usually stay late. Its amazing the difference it makes when there is no one else in the store. No distractions to lure me away from the work. No ringing phone, no customers. We will see how it goes. Worst case I stay late. Not like I haven't done it before.

As of now the race Saturday is still on.
I rode parts of the course Tuesday morning and the course is in pretty good shape.
However, there is rain in the forecast tonight, tomorrow, and tomorrow night.
Forecasted but we will see what really happens. A lot of people are excited for the race. People who have been training while I have been sitting eating cookie and ice cream. As mentioned I rode part of the course Tuesday morning. First 29er dirt ride since Homie Fall Fest in October. I am obviously way out of form. The first climb on the course for the race is a long grinder that I have climbed many times before and I don't think (even with getting stuck behind geared racers spinning up it in their granny) I have ever had to stop and get off. Needless to say the winter training I told myself I was going to do this year and the base miles I keep saying I am gonna ride never happened.
Luckily though the only person I feel I am competing against in an endurance race is me. The goal is to finish and maybe do better than I expected.
Mr. Joshua has decided to join me in the 6 hour duo. Should be fun for him because this will be his first race ever. We talked about downing a beer before going out for each lap. But since I don't think his spring fitness is any better than mine that might result in only a couple laps a piece in that 6 hours. I bet it would be a hell of alot of fun though. And that is the idea even if I wanted to get all serious and really compete. If its not fun what the hell are you doing it for?

Critical Mass Friday night. I didn't think I was gonna go because I have a friend flying in to visit family and we were going to hang out Friday night. Turns out her schedule didn't work out as planned so she won't land at KCI til 830. Plenty of time for me to hit the ride, hang out and have a few beers. Then meet up for dinner with her, meet some friends out for a drink, and then try to get myself in bed at a reasonable hour.

Speaking of reasonable hour. I slept maybe 2 hours before work today. Slogged though the day. Came home a bit early, almost fell asleep at a stop light. Got home and napped on the couch. When I woke up for some reason I thought it was six turned out it was nine. The darkness out side should have clued me in.
Cooked some dinner.
Watched some T.V.
Wrote this.
Now I am off to bed so I am well rested and at work early.
Then I can have a really productive day.

As the B.O.B. would say: Have a good day on!

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sydney_b said...

Whew. You're sounding like yourself again. Mostly I think it's the weather. Lots of us are quite ready for some balmy temps and sunshine with minimal wind. God, wouldn't that be nice, even for just a couple of hours?