Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I gotta say it was a good day...

Golly what a day!
I finally (FINALLY!) pedaled to work today.
Its only the 2nd time this year I am embarrassed to say. The last time was in February and the next day I was so sick I couldn't get out of bed for 4 days. Not really an excuse but what the hell.
So I rode in today and as if the regular commute wouldn't be enough I added an errand. I first rode out to Grandview to visit my pops and drop of my tax info. His account is gonna do them for me this year. I have no idea if I can afford to do that or not but I figure its got to be better than doing it myself again and possibly screwing myself. We shall see.
Back to the commute.
I was beginning to think it was a bad idea 8 miles in.
I felt as if I was pushing so hard and going no where. I had no legs and at 8 miles it was only getting worse. Thats when I heard it. The faint dragging noise, then I realized I could feel it.
I stopped and checked the wheels and breaks. Sure enough the front canti was pressed against the rim. I attempted to adjust it only to discover that my new brakes, that I now realize I haven't once checked since installing them ,were loose.
Pauls don't adjust well with out a box end wrench or something similar to hold the spring. I tried several times with just my fingers and just could get it to work. So I unhooked the front brake and continued on.
Pops shop has tools, I technically wasn't in a hurry, I would fix it when I get there.
Chatted with dad, adjusted my brake, dropped a clothing layer, and pedaled on.
The rest of the ride was a breeze.
Well except for an small directional problem.
I have ridden West to East on the route I was attempting to take but not vice versa.
I couldn't remember what street to take once I was at State Line. I got there but just no with out going back North farther than I probably would have had to.
Oh well, I was riding and I wasn't in a rush.
I got to work late as planned but not as late as expected.
It was perfect timing, the Brown Army was there with a pretty hefty load.
And here I thought I might put a dent in paper work today...
The day sailed by. I knocked out alot of stuff, new and old.
At the end of the day I started to wonder if I was gonna get wet on the way home.
Per the oh so reliable weather forecast I would be home well before the rain started.
I walked out of the shop and I swore I felt rain drops.
The ride home was swift and dry. I hit the market for some spinach for my burrito dinner.
As I rolled out of the parking lot the drips began.
Light sprinkels.
I picked up the pace for the last several blocks, then did a lazy circle in front of my house to cool down, happy that I made it. About the time I was under the cover of my porch roof the rain picked up.
I bet the rain.
What a great day.
Now to top it off with a Butterfinger Crisp that has been sitting here staring at me for days.

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