Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A Moustache is a wonderful thing

Ah yes...
I am amazed by the power of the moustache
When I shaved off my beard I kept the 'stache pretty much as a joke
I thought it made me look goofy/silly which was appealing to me for some reason.
I guess I am not the only one it appeals to
I hesitate to say anything in fear I'll ruin it...
But more women have commented on it or started conversations with me because of the 'stache in the last month than have probably talked to me in the last year.
I like this. This could be good.
However, there are those that it simply doesn't appeal to.
Ms. Laura is one of those people. She hates it. Her wedding to Mr. Joshua is next month and I am in it. I am keeping it at least through her wedding simply out of spite.
This might be seem mean, but I am enjoying it so much I don't want to shave it off.
If nothing else it makes people smile.
Why hadn't I grown one before?
To quote Stevil in response to my amazement of the moustache's power:
"Folks will eventually understand how bad ass moustaches are.
Folks will eventually know what we've known all along."

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sydney_b said...

Good god, absolutely keep that stache till you don't want it any more. I think it looks fab -- and you know, not very men can grow a really good stache. As far as the appeal... that's easy... 'stache's are entirely and undeniably masculine (steriod-pumping chix aside) yet more stylish/debonair than most beards. Of course the combo can be pretty potent. E.g. Ian McShane - HBO's Deadwood.