Monday, May 19, 2008

Go Jones Racing Rim Race is this coming weekend!

From the man himself:

Six days and counting until the greatest alleycat race of the week takes place. Saturday, May 24, 5 pm at Acme Bikes downtown KCMO.

There is an alleycat style race which is fun for all and to top that off we will be having rim races. That's right, racing on your rims, no tires and no tubes, asphalt meats metal. I suggest you find rims or a bike your not to attached to, there is a good chance that you will destroy both.

You don't have to race on your rims, but I think you should.

Tons of cool prizes. There is a great chance you will go home with something, and no doubt it will be something cool.

Prises from; Swobo, Yanco Pads, Volker Bicycles, Surly, ReLoad, Banjo Brothers, Car R Coffins, Urban Velo, and beer from Buzzard Beach!
The alleycat is $3, t-shirts are $10 and the rim races are free!

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