Tuesday, May 13, 2008

KC Commuter Challange BS? *edited

I call BS on the KC Commuter challenge (again… I thought the same way last year, but this time its worse).
There is no way that the recorded results so far are correct.
In the individual results that there is two guys that are tied for 1st both having already ridden 250 miles so far this week.
Its only Tuesday people.
If they haven’t added their mileage from today that means that they spent more than 10 hours in the saddle… yesterday.
Actually... thanks for the math DW....
If they averaged 18 MPH it would take them 13 hours to ride 250 miles.
6 1/2 to work and 6 1/2 hours home.
That’s not a commute, that’s a training ride.
So much for the honor system.


OK I take part of what I said back. The KC Car Free Challenge started on Saturday the 10Th. Mileage that counts is anything that is not you driving in your car solo.
So I have added some miles from the weekend. I broke 100 over the weekend.
Sunday was a long 50 mile grinder to my sisters and back for Mother's Day dinner (I would have drove) and Saturday was 55 of "errands".
I did make some errand stops of sorts but mostly it was stopping for beer but whatever.
I am gonna count it because I am not gonna win... and if I wasn't on my bike I would have driven.
Adding that 105 today moves me up from 99Th place to 5Th... I am surprised, but that's OK, I won't be there long.
I have tomorrow off and I don't really think any of my riding will count.
Granted I guess if I run a few errands during the day I can tack on that mileage... why not? As I said its not like I am gonna win.
If I remember in the AM I am gonna go support the mayor during his speech about making KC more bike friendly. I will throw up the stuff about it below this post.

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One Eyed z said...

I was wondering if I was incorrect about the start date. I guess it started on the 10th.
Seems silly to start the challange on a Saturday. It seems in years past its been a monday through sunday event... oh well not that it matters. I'm not gonna win and I am not gonna try.
Those of us that really commute regularly end up riding more and we don't need a special week to brag about it.