Monday, May 05, 2008


My bike computer said 69.1 but MapMyRidedotCom says its 66.6
That works for me...

Good time.
Started out as a loop I have done several times. But I decided to throw in a gravel section.
OK... I rode the gravel because it was that or go back past the dogs that chased me.
The gravel was fun but it made me realize how much down tube shifters can suck... I ordered a set of STI's for the Pacer today.
Also popped in to the moms while I was out.
I was glad she was home. I was starting to feel empty and I didn't think that the Clif bar in my pocket was gonna cut it.
Mom to the rescue! I got a cold soda, a ham and cheese sandwich, and a hand full of chips.
It was a nice visit but I knew I had to start rolling again before my legs started getting lazy.
So I got my bottles refilled, said my good byes and pedaled on.
It didn't seem to take long to get home from there, although I was 25 miles out.
It seemed to go quick.
I did something on this ride I haven't done in a long while.
I had music.
I stuck my CD player in my pocket and listened to a couple of CD turned down real low while I rode.
Yeah, I said CDs... no MP3 player for me... killed the one I had years ago and still havent replaced it.
I don't normally ride with music.
I don't consider it to be overly safe. But I was so far out on very lightly used roads so I didn't worry too much about it.
I got home, streched and showered.
I had been thinking about dinner the last several miles. I was stuck trying to decide between a big burger or sushi... I went with sushi.
I hopped on the LHT and headed down to Brookside to Domo
I gorged myself on it. It was tasty.
I spent the rest of the evening laying on the couch sipping on a beer.
What a good finish to a good weekend.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see that you went to Cleveland. :-)

I ride with music most of the time here. However, the risk of being run over is far smaller than in the Midwest.


One Eyed z said...

Domo has some tasty stuff. I ended up eating $40 worth... granted I think that charged me for and gave me an extra roll that I didn't order... oh well it all tasted good.