Friday, May 02, 2008

Handlebars... on your bike and on your face

Decided what the hell...
I have the parts, the tools, and today the spare time.. so I took the Peugeot the hipster route

Narrow-ish rizer bars... its the hip thing to do... right?
I also had some flat pedals with toe straps but after a couple of test rides up and down my street I remembered why I don't run them... They suck.

Also decided on a whim today, that I was done with my mustache. It was a hard choice. Its been getting on my nerves more and more over the last couple of weeks. I actually attempted to trim it some what in order to make it more tolerable. But the more I trimmed the worse looking it got so off it came. I figure what the hell... it will grow back.

Besides.... look how pretty I am with out it>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Hey its Friday. Get out there and have a good weekend!


wunnspeed said...

You're just too damn sexy without the 'stache!

sydney_b said...

Yep. Good faces have options.