Saturday, September 20, 2008

beer, fights and tacoed wheels

It was bound to happen
Out drinking with bike people
People start getting drunk
The jackassery begins
Next thing you know someone has a tacoed wheel
Just so happened it was me
Got a little pissed (admittedly a bit more than required...sorry)
Walked home ("Screw you guys. I'm going home")
Home wasn't real close
Roughly 8 miles...
Did it bare foot cause cycle shoes suck to walk in ... also see "I'm stupid"
Turns out I might have been better off suffering in the shoes
Got some major dark red tender spots on the soles of my feet now
Hurts like a bitch to walk or even stand
Hurts now but I'm sure it will hurt more tomorrow
Oh, and I need to lace up a new front wheel
If I didn't love my friends so much I would hate them

Shit happens


Chris Thomas said...

that's a long walk home even with proper footwear. next time take the bus.

Neve_r_est said...

Sounds like a country song...


Meetzorp said...

You shoulda stayed and partied with us up on the hill you big doofus!

We'll see ya when we get back. Take care.

One Eyed z said...

I wasn't thinking very clearly at the time.

One Eyed z said...

This was the night before your wedding party Meetzorp.
I was barley hanging on at your party... granted after I left your party I made a couple of stops and still didn't get home until 4 am