Thursday, September 18, 2008

Zero Traction *with new revised trailer!*

Zero Traction is a film about Cyclocross Nationals here in Kansas City last year.
The film is being made by our of our customers at the shop.
He was in the shop tonight, showed me the trailer and he said the film is close to complete
There should be a couple of showing of it localy when its done
This trailer gives you an idea of what the racers were up aganist all weekend
Conditions were brutal and with the weather the course condition changed daily, some times between races

Cross season is upon us!

1 comment:

m e l i g r o s a said...

cool video. one of my friends got me into cheering for him for CX, so much fun. we lack the snow out here in cali though, does fog count? JK/
Just came accross your blog looking around for more to read about the homie fest, which I read in an old issue of bike or dirt rag recently in a coffee shop.
ok be checkin in soon for more ;)
xo-m-from cali