Sunday, October 26, 2008

Smithville Cross Fest weekend

Wow... I'm beat. It was a tough weekend of racing for me.
Seemed like a long course with what felt like lots of climbing.
With all the rain we have had this last week we were all expecting a mud fest but it was far from that. Some soft ground in some spots that lead to some hard riding but a good time over all.Day one I ended up in a hard fought 23rd out of 45 racers in the CAT4's
A few photos of the action:

For day 2 they changed up the course a little bit.
Seemed to make it a bit faster.
I started in the back of the start line, per the normal.
I ended up raging through the first lap at full tilt thinking that my few "marks" we a head of me.
Turned out I was wrong.
In the confusion of the starting sprint (a few riders tangled and went down) I somehow managed to get around them before the first turn into the grass.
Thinking I was chasing made for a hard first lap but it paid off.
I ended up pulling off 16Th out of 40. My best result to date.
Action pics:

More photos can be found on my Flicker page and through links at Kansas City Cross

A big hats off to Cameron for winning the 1/2/3 race. Pretty good for a fella on a borrowed bike.
During his practice he crashed hard attempting to ride the run up and tore the head tube off his bike. OUCH!
He soldiered on planning to ride his fixed gear 29er.
I'm pretty sure he was happy some one loaned him their spare.
Nicely done sir. Nicely done!

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