Monday, October 27, 2008

Video of Smithville Cross course

Found this little video of Saturday's 1/2/3 cross race. Gives you an idea of what the course was like.

Talked to a guy named Scott on Saturday that had a camera mounted to the bars of his bike. He ran video during our CAT4 race and he got the whole first lap. Then Sunday he raced again and said that the camera got pretty much his P.O.V. of the entire race.
Still waiting for them to be loaded up on YouTube. He said they were huge files that would require a long time to get them loaded up.
From the little bit he showed me Saturday he was right behind me during Saturday's race.
I am interested to see how they turn out, and how big my skin suit wearing ass looks on film.

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Chris Locke said...

The video from Scott has been uploaded. Show the crash and my fat butt taking off.... Link is on