Sunday, April 05, 2009

Statement Question Answer

My Statement:

Riding fixed gear one handed, in the rain, while balancing a fresh pizza on the bars isn't as easy as it sounds

The Question:

Why would you ride a fixed gear in the rain, with a pizza. Why would you ride a fixed gear at all if you weren't on the track, as the track is closed in the rain. I just don't understand.

The Answer:

The simple answer: I like it.
90% of my riding is done on a fixed gear.
There was a time when ALL my riding was done on a fixed gear...on road and off.
My first 4 RAGBARI trips I did fixed.
I even did my very first cross race on a fixed gear.
I'm not a hipster, its not a fashion choice or a trend.
I don't do tricks (unless track standing while waiting for the light to change is a trick) or big skids in some elaborate showy way.
I just ride.
Its what I do.

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