Saturday, May 16, 2009

This weekend is a busy weekend

Saturday morning is KC WOW....


Saturday afternoon (if I have time) is Tour de Cowntown

Saturday evening is the benefit for BB...

BB benefit Dinner May 16th
(please attend or consider donating he and his family could use all the support they can get)

Then a stop at a wedding reception for one of these...

Cold Beer!

And then home to sleep for a few hours cause Sunday morning (early) I have...

2009 BikeSource Heratige Park Du/Tri
2009 BikeSource Heritage Park Du/Tri where I'll wrench on bikes
(why do Tri's have to start so early? I'm meeting the boss at the shop at 4 AM. 4!)

After that Sunday is all about this:

And this:

Tall boy

Next day off is NEXT Saturday...
It must be spring.

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