Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday morning tragedy

In a tragic trimming incident this morning I watched a large chunk of my moustache go down the drain of my bathroom sink.
The plan was to keep it until after the Gogol Bordello show at the end of the month but I guess that won’t be the case.
Ah well, we had a good run and it was fun while it lasted.


sydney said...

why no pic of this tragedy? I could have used a laugh.

One Eyed z said...

I almost grabbed the camera to take a photo of the chunk of stache in the sink but decided just to finish it off and get to work

wunnspeed said...

Exactly why you shouldn't drink beer for breakfast and then trim your 'stache. Be glad you weren't trimming your nether regions. :-)

Fucker... can't believe that Gogol Bordello is coming to K.C. again before they hit Munich. I would really like to see them again. Enjoy man.