Thursday, September 10, 2009

Save Carrie's Thumb!

Since we are on the subject of spending money on worthy causes here is another one.

Evil Cycling's Capt'n Dave has a really nice lady friend named Carrie. They've been together for quite a long while... Boarding on common law marriage long while.
Yet as great as they are together, they have found themselves to be in a bit of a pickle... and its a big pickle

Carrie crashed during a weekly Ironclad ride and shattered her thumb.
Its not just broke (which for me would be bad enough) its SHATTERED.
Meaning a difficult, extensive and painful surgery plus lots of down time for Carrie.

Their insurance company, being the way insurance companies are, promptly ran away to hide.
Leaving Carrie and Dave holding the bag... a bag filled with 8k worth of medical bills.

Where do you come in?
Got a dollar? Got $5?
How about digging the change out of the cushions of your couch or the ashtray in your car and sending it their way?
Its easy.
Send it to VIA PayPal.

Cause we don't like this Carrie:
Save Carrie's Thumb

As much as we like this Carrie:
Evil Carrie in happier times

Save Carrie's Thumb!

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