Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wednesday was my Birthday and other random things

Wednesday was my 35th birthday.
Yeah for me!
35 is the new 25... right?

I worked a short day at the shop to celebrate.
I rode over to Swope Park and rode some dirt before work.
It was good.
Then snuck out of work early and went to dinner with my mom and step pop.

Tasty Mexican food goodness! With margaritas to boot.

Got out to Swope Park to ride some dirt again Thursday.
It was good times until I flatted the rear.
Changed the tube and turns out my spare was no good either.
Funny how I had just commented earlier in the day that I saw no point in going tubeless.
Made me reconsider.
More so after I finished getting the rear fixed to discover that the front was slowly going flat as well.
By the time I got off the trail to the road the rear was going flat again.
I was all out of spares, C02 and patches.
Made a mad dash of the 3 road miles home with both tires holding just enough air to keep the rims off the pave.
It was a tricky but I managed to make it home with no further incident

On tap for the weekend:
The HSP KC Cup
Cyclocross race on Saturday
Traditional Cross Country race Sunday

In theory I am doing both.
In theory.
I haven't raced a bike at all this year and I am struggling to find a reason to start.
So we will see what happens
Perhaps I should get both bikes tuned up and ready for the weekend today...

KC Sprints returns for its 2nd season
Our first event will be held November 14th at Harling's Upstairs Bar
Things are in the works. I'll post more when there is more.
If you know of new venues or sponsors feel free to contact me:

Speaking of in the works...
The new home of everything that is cycling in KC is up and running
KCCycling dot Com

My winter beard that I decided to start early this year is coming in nicely.
How long before I tire of it and shave it off?

The Tour of Missouri finished up in KC last Sunday
I was there doing the expo thing for BikeSource
I took some photos but for the most part they were fuzzy and haven't been uploaded yet.
Another weekend project.

I've been looking into making the switch so that The One Eyed View from the Saddle (TOEVFTS) will be an official stand alone dot com.
Maybe it will be done by the time the snow flies here.

Dead line for applications to the Specialized Trial Crew is TODAY!
If you want to get in on this don't delay.
I dragged my feet and missed my chance to get a free Globe bike by blogging about it.
Don't be like me be like Cameron and get your name in the hat by the end of the day.

Little Friday history lesson:
AC Delco Spark plugs was started by Albert Champion who was previously a champion track racer in France in 1896... at 18 years old.
He also won the Paris-Roubaix when they motor paced it in 1899... on a fixed gear.
His spark plugs were in the car the won the first Indy 500 and were in the engine of the Spirit of St. Louis when it flew around the world.

How about that?

Welcome to Friday. Have a good weekend!

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